Atoka Cemetery, Novice, Coleman County, Texas

Annual Meeting: May 2014

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Latest update: Friday, 04 July, 2014

May 2014

(May 2014 Annual Meeting Notice in .pdf format.)

Homecoming Photos


We had our meeting at the Novice United Methodist Church on

Saturday the 17th, and started out with about 18 people and then all of

these wonderful bunch from Carlsbad and Cloudcroft New Mexico

showed and we ended up with 40 people. It was great!

Some of the business we discussed was to straighten some of the

older grave stone that are leaning, to bring in some more field dirt for

filling in graves that sink and to redo the arbor with new benches and

take out the old tables which are falling apart.

We didn't take individual pics this year, just a group picture.



Dear Members and Friends of Atoka Cemetery Association,

The annual Atoka Cemetery Association meeting will be held

SATURDAY, MAY 17, 2014 this year. We will meet at the Novice

United Methodist Church in Novice. This is due to the possible

inclement weather at that time of year. Also, a lot of our members are

having health problems and this will make it easier for them. Of course

people will then be able to visit the cemetery at their leisure before or

after our meeting.

Our one and only burial this year was our "spark plug" and "go-getter"

Nita Shields. She had a wonderful 95th birthday party on December

12th before she became sick and passed away on December 24th. We

will miss her greatly!

The Association's meeting will begin at 10:00 for visiting and the

business meeting will start at 11:00. At noon we will have our usual

potluck meal. The bread, plates and eating utencils will be provided.

Thank you for your past generosity in giving to the Atoka Association to

keep the cemetery mowed and the grave sites maintained. If you

cannot attend and would like to contribute, please send your donation


Atoka Cemetery Association

c/o Sue Shields

699 CR 429

Novice, TX 79538.

Our website is

James Richards, President

Sue Shields, Secretary/Treasurer

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