Atoka Cemetery, Novice, Coleman County, Texas


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PARKER Family Tree (Solomon and David)

There are nineteen (19) PARKERS buried in the Atoka Cemetery, all

of them related to Absalom Henry PARKER, Jr., born 12 Nov 1812, in

Fayette Co, OHIO. The Atoka Cemetery PARKERS are related


Solomon PARKER (b. 22 Jun 1833 in Fayette Co, OHIO)

Absalom's first child and first son by first wife Anna Barbara



David Absalom PARKER (b. 26 Feb 1849 in McDonough Co,

ILLINOIS)  Absalom's ninth child and fourth son, and first child and

first son by Absalom's second wife Mary Ann "Polly" JENKINS


Both Solomon and his younger half-brother David, immigrated to

TEXAS around 1880, and both became significant contributors to the

growth of Coleman County, TEXAS.

There is one (1) PARKER who has not been connected to this

PARKER Family Tree... yet.  See Nannie PARKER in Mysteries


Other PARKER Family Surnames

Buried in Atoka Cemetery

• BRANTLEY (1) - Less than two-years-old, Zelma Verna BRANTLEY

is buried next to her maternal grandparents Solomon PARKER and


• BUSH - Mary BUSH PARKER married William Walter PAKER.

(• CHEATWOOD (1) William CHEATWOOD married Judith Faye


Family Trees.)

( • DANIEL (1) John Wiley DANIEL is the only member of his family

buried in Atoka Cemetery. However, his DANIEL kin married into the

PARKER Family Tree and the BIRDWELL Family Tree.)

• DYER (1) - Ethel Effie DYER MURRILL PARKER married Griffin Lyn


(• GALAWAY - 1 - John GALAWAY's widow married into the PARKER


(• HAMILTON (1) HAMILTON ELLIOTT Mattie A (Martha Ann)

married Isaac B. ELLIOTT; their son James G. ELLIOTT married into

the PARKER family.

• KEGANS - ?

• KELLETT (1)  - Clementena KELLETT PARKER married David

Frederick PARKER.

• LAIRD - Alice Ruth LAIRD PARKER married into the PARKER family

tree, as the wife of Mike Ray PARKER

• McCAIN (4) - Vera Della PARKER married William Edgar McCAIN;

they and their three children are the four McCAINS buried in Atoka


• SHIELDS - Willie Lee McCAIN SHIELDS, daughter of Vera Della

PARKER, married Vincent Darrell SHIELDS.

• WILLIAMS (2)  - By marrying Willie Faye PARKER WILLIAMS,

Oscar Zane "Curley" WILLIAMS married into the PARKER Family

Tree in Atoka Cemetery. Their daughter Judith Faye WILLIAMS

CHEATWOOD and her husband William R. CHEATWOOD II are also

buried in Atoka Cemetery

PARKERs in Atoka Cemetery Mysteries

1. "Nannie PARKER, died Mar 17, 1909 - age 21" does not have a

gravestone identified in Atoka Cemetery and is identified as follows:

"The following are said, from various records, to be buried in this

cemetery. Most are taken from Coleman County death

records..." (source: Atoka Cemetery, Coleman County, Texas

Cemetery Directory)