Atoka Cemetery, Novice, Coleman County, Texas


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Latest update:  Saturday, October 19, 2013

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Photo Gallery

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SHIELDS Family Tree

There are nine (9) SHIELDS buried in the Atoka Cemetery.

- Six (6) SHIELDS are descendants of Jefferson Marion SHIELDS

and his wife Lottie L. TAYLOR SHIELDS,

- Two SHIELDS  have not been connected to the SHIELDS - TAYLOR

Family Tree.

Other SHIELDS Family Surnames

Buried in Atoka Cemetery

• DICKSON (1) - DICKSON SHIELDS Lizzie married "Oil" SHIELDS.

• McCAIN - Willie Lee McCAIN SHIELDS married William Edgar


• TAYLOR - Felix TAYLOR and his daughter Lottie TAYLOR

SHIELDS are buried with the SHELDS family

SHIELDS in Atoka Cemetery Mysteries

Two SHIELDS and one SHIELDS kin are buried in Atoka Cemetery

but have not been connected to the SHIELDS - TAYLOR Family


1. SHIELDS Callie Faye b, 1922, d. 1978

2. SHIELDS "Oll" M. b. 8 Mar 1866, d. 3 Jun 1933 married DICKSON

SHIELDS Lizzie b. 21 Oct 1868; d. 26 Jun 1943.