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* Need Row Location


Cemetery Location

Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cemetery Location    Person ID 
1 (BLACKWELL) ALMACK Jack Jess  * Need Row Location I686
2 CATE Mikel Gorden  * Need Row Location I620
3 CATE Rex Lee  * Need Row Location I621
4 CLAY Brendan Lee  * Need Row Location I589
5 DEPRANG Herman D.  * Need Row Location I28
6 DEPRANG Weldon Archie  * Need Row Location I36
7 DRY Jeffrey Donald  * Need Row Location I1047
8 DRY John David Atkinson  * Need Row Location I688
9 GARY Billy Jack  * Need Row Location I64
10 HOTHAN JENNINGS Ruth Karl  * Need Row Location I1031
11 JENNINGS Fred Bryan, Sr.  * Need Row Location I1034
12 JENNINGS WILLIAMS Cynthia Ann  * Need Row Location I606
13 KENDRICK Wallace Fred "Fred"  * Need Row Location I80
14 KINCAID Timothy Ray  * Need Row Location I689
15 LANTER Vernon Robert  * Need Row Location I2134
16 MCCAIN Juanita Velma  * Need Row Location I17
17 MCCAIN Loreta Thelma  * Need Row Location I16
18 MCDANIEL WESTERFIELD Karon Grace  * Need Row Location I1979
19 MITCHELL William Floyd  * Need Row Location I1230
20 NICHOLS Dock Aaron "Skeeter"  * Need Row Location I567
21 PARKER Kelly McConnell  * Need Row Location I1372
22 PARKER GRIMES Kittie Harriett (Nina)  * Need Row Location I741
23 PARKER LOWE Ruby Ruth  * Need Row Location I270
24 PARKER WILLIAMS Willa "Willie" Fay  * Need Row Location I268
25 RACKLEY Dawl Julian  * Need Row Location I1381
26 RAY Ralph Raymond "Pete", Jr.  * Need Row Location I2749
27 RICHESON ADKINS Imajean (Imagene) "Jean"  * Need Row Location I1989
28 SARTOR FERK Polly  * Need Row Location I856
29 SHIELDS HOLLAND Euelena Faye  * Need Row Location I1385
30 SHIELDS HUBERT Jacqueline (Jackeline)  * Need Row Location I349
31 SHIFFLETT L. B.  * Need Row Location I93
32 SMITH CLEVENGER RACKLEY Dorothy June-Hope  * Need Row Location I1384
33 THOMPSON KEGANS Emily "Emma" Elizabeth  * Need Row Location I714
34 WILLIAMS William Zane "Bill"  * Need Row Location I1343

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