Atoka Cemetery, Novice, Coleman County, Texas

Homecoming May 2012

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Homecoming Notice

If we have incorrectly identified a Homecoming attendee, please let us know.

Carol JOHNSON HOCH and her husband W. F. HOCH traveled 325 miles from Houston County to attend the Atoka Cemetery

Homecoming. Carol was one of the researchers who helped solve the Mystery of the Errant Headstone of Mary B. SARTOR

and wanted to honor the return of Mary B.'s headstone to Atoka Cemetery.  Carol and W. F.  live just fifteen (15) miles from

the old SARTOR homestead and close to the cemetery where many of Mary B.'s kin are buried, including her parents.

These photos from Carol chronicle the HOCH  trip and the Atoka Cemetery Homecoming.

(Pisca window below may open slowly, so you may need some of that TEXAS patience.)