Atoka Cemetery, Novice, Coleman County, Texas

Homecoming May 2013

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Homecoming Notice

The portrait photos were donated by Sue PARKER SHIELDS.

The general photos (including the photos of gorgeous flowers around

Atoka Cemetery) were donated by visitor Barton WILLIAMS.

Photo IDs:

- Photos are identified left to right.

- If a person is in the Atoka Cemetery Family Tree, his photo is linked

to his Family Tree page.

- * Frien' no Kin - An asterisk marks Friends of Atoka Cemetery

without kin buried in Atoka Cemetery.

Seventeen Friends of Atoka Cemetery attended the Homecoming,

however we did not snap a photo of  Billie [RICHARDS COX] and Mac

COX or *Barton WILLIAMS.

If we have incorrectly identified a Homecoming attendee, please let

us know.