Atoka Cemetery, Novice, Coleman County, Texas

Annual Meeting: May 2010

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May 2010

(May 2010 Annual Meeting Notice in .pdf format.)

Homecoming Photos (to come)

"The Atoka Cemetery meeting was pretty much rained out Saturday.  It

was so cold and rainy that we met at Juanita Shields house which is a

couple of miles down the road; she has a big patio.  We had about 19

members present which was a good turnout with the weather bad.  Of

course the next day the sun came out in all of its glory!  Jenniffier

(Juanita's daughter) and her husband Dave came up from Houston for

the weekend... She had the whole meeting and cemetery video taped."

Sue Shields, 17 May 2010  "Let's hope we don't have the cold spell we

had last year that kept us from gathering at the cemetery. We met at

Juanita Shields house and there were 19 attending. We had a good

visit and I hope we can have more in attendance this year."    from the

Annual Meeting Notice 2011

Thanks go to Bill SHIELDS for his presentation on History of Atoka.

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