Atoka Cemetery, Novice, Coleman County, Texas

Association Minutes

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Latest update: Tuesday, 7 July, 2009


Atoka Cemetery Association

2009 Minutes (NOTES)

16 May 2009

Homecoming 2009

New Business

- update on Atoka website - leave email address with Sue, gave out

web address.

- Discussion

• Raise roof on arbor

• Clean out outdoor toilet (outhouse) built by WPA in 30's

• Election of new officers: James Richards President, Sue Shields


• Those deceased last year

• David Earl Davis

Margaret Sartor Saint

Hazel DePrang

- oldest person attending - Juanita Shields (90)

- longest distance traveled - Ronald Ray from Monahans, TX

- voted to pay electric bill for safety lights (Juanita Shields paying)

- Survey on cemetery in works by Jenniffier Hawes


Atoka Cemetery Association

2008 Minutes

Home Coming 2008

The Atoka Cemetery Association met May 17, 2008 at the Atoka

Cemetery. President James Richards opened the meeting and

expressed his appreciation for everyone attending. The invocation was

given by Dave Hawes followed by the pledge of allegiance to the flag.

Bill Shields led the singing of the National Anthem.

The Minutes from last year's meeting was read by Secretary Sue

Shields and was approved as read. The Treasurer's Report was read

and approved.

NEW BUSINESS: The floor was opened for nominations for officers for

the new year. James Richards was nominated for President and Sue

Shields was nominated for the combined office of Secretary/Treasurer.

These nominees were elected by acclamation with no other

nominations.  James moved that Juanita Shields be made CEO of the

Atoka Cemetery Association.  She is currently recovering from a stroke

and is living at Royal Estates Assisted Living for rehabilitation. Motion

2nd and approved.

Cliff and Michelle Williams are currently taking care of the cemetery

mowing.  They mow as needed and are paid $225.00 per mowing.

Juanita Shields moved that the cost of mowing be increased to

$250.00 each time due to the increase in fuel.  The motion was 2nd

and approved.

Jenniffier Hawes opened the floor for discussion regarding the

development of an internet site for Atoka Cemetery.  The website will

be owned by the Association and maintained by Kittena Hannah of

Washington, DC.  This will no cost to the Association.  The motion was

made to accept this website and 2nd. The website address is

A silent prayer was said for those who have passed away since the last

meeting.  Juanita Shields was recognized as being the oldest in

attendance and Presley Kincaid came the longest distance from

Sonoma, CA.  There were 38 members in attendance at the meeting

last year.

The benediction was given by James Richards and the meeting was

closed.  A delicious meal was enjoyed by all following the meeting.

Sue Shields

Recording Secretary