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Taylor Co, TEXAS



Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 *MOORE Gary Voy  21 Feb 1945Taylor Co, TEXAS I2062
2 *MOORE Larry Alan  25 Mar 1955Taylor Co, TEXAS I2066
3 *MOORE Russell Voy  8 Nov 1971Taylor Co, TEXAS I2061
4 CUNNINGHAM Dana James  9 Jul 1961Taylor Co, TEXAS I2415
5 CUNNINGHAM Debra Susan  17 Jul 1963Taylor Co, TEXAS I367
6 EDWARDS Brittany Dean  6 Sep 1990Taylor Co, TEXAS I2146
7 ELY Jordan Lane  22 Oct 1984Taylor Co, TEXAS I1699
8 JENNINGS Fred Bryan, Jr.  29 Dec 1948Taylor Co, TEXAS I1037
9 KINCAID Cynthia Anita "Nina"  1 Jan 1951Taylor Co, TEXAS I2098
10 KINCAID Robert Edward  27 Feb 1955Taylor Co, TEXAS I2105
11 KINCAID GEISER Laura Irene  6 Aug 1952Taylor Co, TEXAS I2101
12 KINCAID JOHNSON Mary Ellen  8 Nov 1957Taylor Co, TEXAS I2099
13 KNIGHT COUGHLIN Reba Dale  16 Nov 1959Taylor Co, TEXAS I1790
14 KNIGHT HAMMES Belinda Kay  4 Mar 1951Taylor Co, TEXAS I1789
15 KNIGHT HUDSON Carolyn Elaine  23 Aug 1954Taylor Co, TEXAS I1788
16 RAY Larry Don  11 Jul 1949Taylor Co, TEXAS I1999
17 RICHARDS James Clayton  25 Oct 1969Taylor Co, TEXAS I1974
18 ROBERTS ELY Charlotte Jean  8 Apr 1953Taylor Co, TEXAS I1697
19 SUDDUTH Alecia Ann  4 Nov 1986Taylor Co, TEXAS I2142
20 SUDDUTH Cory Wayne  27 Jan 1989Taylor Co, TEXAS I2144


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATTAWAY Truett Joseph (Pruitt Jocephus)  27 Apr 1972Taylor Co, TEXAS I434
2 BAKER DEPRANG Clora Anis (Clare A.)  24 Oct 1969Taylor Co, TEXAS I31
3 DEPRANG Oscar Leonard (Lex, Bunk, Lenard)  15 Sep 1974Taylor Co, TEXAS I30
4 LAIRD Louis A.  28 Apr 1954Taylor Co, TEXAS I1393
5 LAIRD ATTAWAY Lilia V.  1 Mar 1972Taylor Co, TEXAS I433
6 WINDHAM Tom Ferguson, Jr.  11 Nov 1991Taylor Co, TEXAS I1763


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BIRDWELL Eli Moore "Kit"  1910Taylor Co, TEXAS I59
2 BIRDWELL DANIEL Opal Inez  1910Taylor Co, TEXAS I1669
3 BIRDWELL DEAKINS Ada Mae "Deak"  1910Taylor Co, TEXAS I425
4 BUSH Jasper G.  1930Taylor Co, TEXAS I389
5 BUSH Jasper G.  1940Taylor Co, TEXAS I389
6 BUSH Richard Oliver  1930Taylor Co, TEXAS I393
7 BUSH Richard Oliver  1940Taylor Co, TEXAS I393
8 BUSH HEDGCOXE Harriet Almyra "Hattie"  1910Taylor Co, TEXAS I364
9 DEAKINS Adam Luther "Luther"  1910Taylor Co, TEXAS I424
10 DEAKINS Homer Lodell, Sr.  1910Taylor Co, TEXAS I1075
11 DEAKINS BROOKS Cordie Maye  1910Taylor Co, TEXAS I427
12 GRIFFIN BUSH Henrietta Mary  1930Taylor Co, TEXAS I384
13 GRIMES James C.  1940Taylor Co, TEXAS I2742
14 GRIMES Johnson B.  1940Taylor Co, TEXAS I2743
15 HEDGCOXE Henry Oliver  1910Taylor Co, TEXAS I365
16 HEDGCOXE Henry Otto  1910Taylor Co, TEXAS I363
17 HEDGCOXE Richard Oliver  1910Taylor Co, TEXAS I362
18 KNIGHT Bartis Dale  1930Taylor Co, TEXAS I1785
19 KNIGHT Delta  1930Taylor Co, TEXAS I1805
20 KNIGHT Gerldeen  1930Taylor Co, TEXAS I1806
21 KNIGHT John  1920Taylor Co, TEXAS I122
22 KNIGHT John  1930Taylor Co, TEXAS I122
23 KNIGHT Joseph "Joe" E.  1920Taylor Co, TEXAS I123
24 KNIGHT Joseph "Joe" E.  1930Taylor Co, TEXAS I123
25 KNIGHT Samuel  1930Taylor Co, TEXAS I1184
26 KNIGHT HARDEGREE Austa  1920Taylor Co, TEXAS I1186
27 KNIGHT PORTER Ada  1920Taylor Co, TEXAS I1177
28 PARKER GRIMES Kittie Harriett (Nina)  1940Taylor Co, TEXAS I741
29 PORTER Daniel Denison  1920Taylor Co, TEXAS I1178
30 PORTER Willard W.  1920Taylor Co, TEXAS I1180
31 PORTER MARTIN Opal Dale  1920Taylor Co, TEXAS I137
32 PRINGLE BIRDWELL Mattie Beatrice  1910Taylor Co, TEXAS I60
33 QUISENBERRY Ella  1910Taylor Co, TEXAS I2668
34 WADE KNIGHT Lillie  1930Taylor Co, TEXAS I1185


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CAFFEY / BROWN CAFFEY  4 Aug 1990Taylor Co, TEXAS F1373
3 RICHARDS / ALLEN RICHARDS  2 Feb 1990Taylor Co, TEXAS F452

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