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Coleman Co, TEXAS



Coleman County 1882 map <br>
Texas General Land Office, Texas State Map #2134
Coleman County 1882 map
Texas General Land Office, Texas State Map #2134

Coleman County 1907 Postal Map <br>
Texas General Land Office, Map #2090 <br>
Post Route Map of the State of Texas <br>
Coleman County 1907 Postal Map
Texas General Land Office, Map #2090
Post Route Map of the State of Texas

Coleman County, 1920s map <br>
Texas General Land Office, Map  #10749 <br>
National Map Company
Coleman County, 1920s map
Texas General Land Office, Map #10749
National Map Company

Coleman County, 1940s map <br>
Texas General Land Office, Map  #4335
Coleman County, 1940s map
Texas General Land Office, Map #4335

Coleman County in Texas <br>
Coleman County in Texas

Texas State Historical Marker: Parker House, Coleman County, Texas <br>
Texas State Historical Marker: Parker House, Coleman County, Texas

Texas State Historical Marker: Parker House, Coleman County, Texas <br>
Texas State Historical Marker: Parker House, Coleman County, Texas

Coleman County, TEXAS
Coleman County, TEXAS (9)
PARKER House, Texas Historical Marker
PARKER House, Texas Historical Marker (4)


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON Alfred Eugene (Archie?)  25 May 1928Coleman Co, TEXAS I1635
2 BALLEW Burrell D.  9 Apr 1882Coleman Co, TEXAS I1493
3 BALLEW Marion Frances  7 Dec 1879Coleman Co, TEXAS I1492
4 BALLEW William Erwin  18 Sep 1884Coleman Co, TEXAS I1494
5 BEALL THOMPSON Eva Camilla  Abt 1896Coleman Co, TEXAS I682
6 BOHANNON Robert Ernest  31 Dec 1915Coleman Co, TEXAS I1733
7 BRANTLEY Royal Guy  12 Jun 1902Coleman Co, TEXAS I457
8 BRANTLEY Zelma Verna  13 Aug 1904Coleman Co, TEXAS I458
9 BRANTLEY Zelmer Vernon  13 Aug 1904Coleman Co, TEXAS I459
10 CARRY (CARY) John "Earnest"  Abt 1876Coleman Co, TEXAS I1543
11 CARY Arthur Burk  25 Dec 1874Coleman Co, TEXAS I1541
12 CARY Caswell Micher  29 Jul 1879Coleman Co, TEXAS I1546
13 CARY Gussie  Jul 1897Coleman Co, TEXAS I1556
14 CARY MILLER Glenn Dulthia  Mar 1895Coleman Co, TEXAS I1553
15 CARY WARREN Bessie Lee  Apr 1885Coleman Co, TEXAS I1548
16 CATE Rex Lee  12 Nov 1923Coleman Co, TEXAS I621
17 CHILDRESS Lemuel Walter  14 Sep 1856Coleman Co, TEXAS I2580
18 CHILDRESS Tabitha Frances  12 May 1861Coleman Co, TEXAS I2582
19 CURRY *Hattie E.  15 Jan 1898Coleman Co, TEXAS I2245
20 DALE DURHAM Sheila Kay  9 Nov 1946Coleman Co, TEXAS I1822
21 DALE STEWART Sandra Jan  12 Jul 1941Coleman Co, TEXAS I1821
22 DEPRANG Weldon Archie  22 Jul 1927Coleman Co, TEXAS I36
23 DEPRANG GARVIN Doris (Dorris) Zana  21 Nov 1915Coleman Co, TEXAS I24
24 DYER WINDHAM Mary Etta  28 Dec 1911Coleman Co, TEXAS I1710
25 EDENBORROUGH Neb E.  Abt 1868Coleman Co, TEXAS I318
26 FLANAGAN Jimmie Carol  17 Jan 1934Coleman Co, TEXAS I939
27 KELLY Dellie Delta  7 Feb 1899Coleman Co, TEXAS I202
28 KINCAID Elery Buster  9 May 1940Coleman Co, TEXAS I1098
29 KINCAID Johnny Ben  16 Jan 1936Coleman Co, TEXAS I444
30 KINCAID Joseph  19 Apr 1900Coleman Co, TEXAS I981
31 KINCAID Weldon Harlon (Harlan)  5 Feb 1947Coleman Co, TEXAS I1092
32 KINCAID BROWN Myrtle "Mertie" Elizabeth  10 Feb 1895Coleman Co, TEXAS I979
33 KNIGHT Samuel  15 Dec 1892Coleman Co, TEXAS I1184
34 MCDANIEL WESTERFIELD Karon Grace  27 Jun 1954Coleman Co, TEXAS I1979
35 MITCHELL Alford (Alfred) L. "Fate"  10 Sep 1882Coleman Co, TEXAS I511
36 MITCHELL Douglas Carrol  15 Sep 1941Coleman Co, TEXAS I1844
37 MITCHELL Hettie  19 Jun 1890Coleman Co, TEXAS I1261
38 MITCHELL Margaret Rosalie  18 Dec 1887Coleman Co, TEXAS I1260
39 MITCHELL Willie  5 Jun 1885Coleman Co, TEXAS I1259
40 MITCHELL SIMMONS Edna Mae  26 Jun 1894Coleman Co, TEXAS I1268
41 MORRIS Geneva June  Coleman Co, TEXAS I530
42 NICHOLS Dale (Infant)  22 Jul 1926Coleman Co, TEXAS I484
43 NICHOLSON Leonard Reed  8 Jul 1934Coleman Co, TEXAS I189
44 NICHOLSON Wesley Neal  14 Jul 1929Coleman Co, TEXAS I1527
45 PARKER Michael Scott  8 Nov 1962Coleman Co, TEXAS I1375
46 PARKER Ray Laird  15 Feb 1938Coleman Co, TEXAS I664
47 PARKER BRANTLEY Etna (Elva, Elna) A. (Ader)  17 Dec 1881Coleman Co, TEXAS I453
48 PARKER BURDUROGLU Lisa Ann  6 Jul 1965Coleman Co, TEXAS I1373
49 PARKER SPRUIELL Peggy June  9 Mar 1942Coleman Co, TEXAS I1933
50 PARKER WILLIAMS Martina (Mattie) Celia  28 Mar 1897Coleman Co, TEXAS I323

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATKINSON PARKER Nancy "Nannie" Rachel  23 Aug 1923Coleman Co, TEXAS I212
2 BALLEW KELLY Gansadia (Cansadia)  13 Feb 1899Coleman Co, TEXAS I203
3 BATES James Roy  4 Nov 1963Coleman Co, TEXAS I493
4 BIRDWELL Burton Carl (Berton) (G.)  2 Jan 1919Coleman Co, TEXAS I56
5 BIRDWELL Eli Moore "Kit"  9 Jul 1959Coleman Co, TEXAS I59
6 BIRDWELL DEAKINS Ada Mae "Deak"  14 Mar 1969Coleman Co, TEXAS I425
7 BLACK KELLY Emma Jane  16 Jul 1930Coleman Co, TEXAS I1508
8 BRANTLEY Zelma Verna  24 Mar 1906Coleman Co, TEXAS I458
9 BURTON Francis Elizabeth  1907Coleman Co, TEXAS I757
10 BUSH Oliver H.  30 Sep 1914Coleman Co, TEXAS I1033
11 BUSH HEDGCOXE Harriet Almyra "Hattie"  7 May 1916Coleman Co, TEXAS I364
12 CATE William Columbus  1 Sep 1950Coleman Co, TEXAS I2589
13 CHILDRESS Elisha  24 Jan 1884Coleman Co, TEXAS I336
14 Rev. CHILDRESS Hugh Martin, Sr.  29 Jul 1886Coleman Co, TEXAS I338
15 CHILDRESS Solomon Benjamin  2 Jan 1859Coleman Co, TEXAS I2581
16 CLAYTON Earl Euin  19 Jan 1989Coleman Co, TEXAS I609
17 CURRY *Hattie E.  22 Sep 1900Coleman Co, TEXAS I2245
18 CURRY Virgil W.  3 May 1979Coleman Co, TEXAS I2244
19 DEAKINS Lawrance A.  19 Apr 1895Coleman Co, TEXAS I411
20 DEPRANG Joseph Nichols "Jodie"  28 Dec 1967Coleman Co, TEXAS I817
21 DEPRANG HYDEN Minnie Lee  1 Oct 1925Coleman Co, TEXAS I479
22 EVRAGE George Madison  5 Jan 1961Coleman Co, TEXAS I198
23 FARMER PRINGLE Susan Elizabeth "Susie"  1911Coleman Co, TEXAS I1673
24 GOATS Ida Mae  29 Mar 1927Coleman Co, TEXAS I872
25 HARTIN William (C.)  11 Jan 1894Coleman Co, TEXAS I2801
26 HEDGCOXE Harrison Godwin  31 Aug 1911Coleman Co, TEXAS I359
27 KEGANS Mary Clarinda  Coleman Co, TEXAS I732
28 KELLY Dellie Delta  10 Feb 1899Coleman Co, TEXAS I202
29 KINCAID FORD Mary Jane  1895Coleman Co, TEXAS I1106
30 KINCAID O'NEAL Balzura Bright "Johnie, Johnnie"  6 Nov 1990Coleman Co, TEXAS I90
31 MCELRATH William Calvin  17 Feb 1945Coleman Co, TEXAS I1257
32 MITCHELL Margaret Rosalie  10 Oct 1970Coleman Co, TEXAS I1260
33 MITCHELL Willie  30 Jun 1888Coleman Co, TEXAS I1259
34 MURRILL ASHLEY WILBER Ann Staten  6 Mar 1896Coleman Co, TEXAS I2784
35 O'NEAL James Smith  28 Apr 1951Coleman Co, TEXAS I471
36 O'NEAL William Harvey  25 Oct 1956Coleman Co, TEXAS I881
37 PARKER David Absalom  23 Mar 1917Coleman Co, TEXAS I211
38 PARKER Kelly McConnell  18 Jun 2010Coleman Co, TEXAS I1372
39 PARKER Solomon  30 Jan 1905Coleman Co, TEXAS I1
40 PENDLETON Joseph  26 Jan 1906Coleman Co, TEXAS I40
41 SANSOM Otis A.  20 Mar 1972Coleman Co, TEXAS I2522
42 SARTOR Mattie Marie  29 May 1944Coleman Co, TEXAS I408
43 SARTOR DAVIS SHELTON Pearl Wilma (Wilmoth)  25 Mar 1970Coleman Co, TEXAS I398
44 SHELTON Elmer / (Elma)  1921Coleman Co, TEXAS I401
45 SHELTON Velma  1921Coleman Co, TEXAS I399
46 SLATE Enoch Lewis  25 Jun 1886Coleman Co, TEXAS I46
47 SLATE Etter  19 Apr 1884Coleman Co, TEXAS I553
48 TAYLOR BALLEW Angeline  13 Jul 1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I54
49 THOMPSON CASEY Bernice Evelyn  13 Oct 2003Coleman Co, TEXAS I1730
50 WARE Orbie Cicero  8 May 1947Coleman Co, TEXAS I196

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Matches 1 to 50 of 385

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON Alfred Eugene (Archie?)  1930Coleman Co, TEXAS I1635
2 ANDERSON James Madison "J.Matt"  1930Coleman Co, TEXAS I341
3 ANDERSON James Mat  1930Coleman Co, TEXAS I1633
4 ANDERSON GRIMES Monterey L.  1930Coleman Co, TEXAS I1632
5 ANDERSON SHIELDS Callie Faye  1930Coleman Co, TEXAS I1386
6 ARRANT PENDLETON Rebecca  1900Coleman Co, TEXAS I969
7 ATKINSON Mabel  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I2465
8 ATKINSON William Clarence  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I2462
9 BAKER DEPRANG Clora Anis (Clare A.)  1930Coleman Co, TEXAS I31
10 BALDRIDGE Joseph  1900Coleman Co, TEXAS I2646
11 BALLEW Ethelene  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I1509
12 BALLEW Henry James (H. J.)  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I1083
13 BALLEW Vera  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I1668
14 BANTA ATKINSON Mary Lillian "Lilly"  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I2464
15 BATES James Roy  1940Coleman Co, TEXAS I493
16 BATES ARCHIE Lillie Hulene  1940Coleman Co, TEXAS I755
17 BATES O'NEAL Alma  1930Coleman Co, TEXAS I882
18 BEALL THOMPSON Eva Camilla  1920Coleman Co, TEXAS I682
19 BEALL THOMPSON Eva Camilla  1930Coleman Co, TEXAS I682
20 BIRDWELL Burton Carl (Berton) (G.)  1900Coleman Co, TEXAS I56
21 BIRDWELL Burton Carl (Berton) (G.)  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I56
22 BIRDWELL Eli Moore "Kit"  1900Coleman Co, TEXAS I59
23 BIRDWELL Eli Moore "Kit"  1930Coleman Co, TEXAS I59
24 BIRDWELL Elijah Garner "Eli"  1900Coleman Co, TEXAS I58
25 BIRDWELL Eulah Myrtle  1900Coleman Co, TEXAS I1671
26 BIRDWELL Reuben (Ruben) Cooper (Casper)  1900Coleman Co, TEXAS I531
27 BIRDWELL Reuben (Ruben) Cooper (Casper)  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I531
28 BIRDWELL Rodolphus Lee  1900Coleman Co, TEXAS I1670
29 BIRDWELL DANIEL Opal Inez  1930Coleman Co, TEXAS I1669
30 BIRDWELL DEAKINS Ada Mae "Deak"  1900Coleman Co, TEXAS I425
31 BIRDWELL MORRIS Oda L. "Odie"  1900Coleman Co, TEXAS I423
32 BIRDWELL MORRIS Oda L. "Odie"  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I423
33 BRINKLEY SPRINKLES Lillie Amanda  1940Coleman Co, TEXAS I2663
34 BROOKS Joseph E.  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I426
35 BROOKS Peter C  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I2079
36 BROOKS Sarah M.  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I2081
37 BROWN Arthur Laverne (C.)  1920Coleman Co, TEXAS I1706
38 BROWN Braxton Monroe (Brock)  1920Coleman Co, TEXAS I1704
39 BROWN Roy Alvin  1920Coleman Co, TEXAS I1705
40 BROWN SHICK Eudora Vada (Udora V.)  1920Coleman Co, TEXAS I1708
41 BROWN SHICK Mary Mae  1920Coleman Co, TEXAS I1707
42 BURROW KING Mary Angierona "Mollie"  1900Coleman Co, TEXAS I1623
43 BUSH Jasper G.  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I389
44 BUSH Jeremiah E. "Jerry"  1900Coleman Co, TEXAS I582
45 BUSH John Richard  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I1025
46 BUSH Mary  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I1023
47 BUSH Oliver H.  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I1033
48 BUSH Richard Rhodes  1900Coleman Co, TEXAS I385
49 BUSH Richard Rhodes  1910Coleman Co, TEXAS I385
50 BUSH FIELDER Rose Lee  1900Coleman Co, TEXAS I391

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Military Service

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 NICHOLS Morgan Louis  Abt 1917Coleman Co, TEXAS I485

Misc. Event

Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc. Event    Person ID 
1 HARTIN William (C.)  1879Coleman Co, TEXAS I2801
2 WILBER Alonzo H.  1877Coleman Co, TEXAS I2793
3 WILBER Alonzo H.  1878Coleman Co, TEXAS I2793
4 WILBER Alonzo H.  1879Coleman Co, TEXAS I2793
5 WILBER Alonzo H.  1880Coleman Co, TEXAS I2793
6 WILBER Alonzo H.  11 Jun 1880Coleman Co, TEXAS I2793
7 WILBER Alonzo H.  1881Coleman Co, TEXAS I2793
8 WILBER Alonzo H.  1886Coleman Co, TEXAS I2793
9 WILBER Alonzo H.  19 Jan 1893Coleman Co, TEXAS I2793


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ARCHER / BATES CHITWOOD ARCHER  29 May 1969Coleman Co, TEXAS F1306
2 BRANTLEY / PARKER BRANTLEY  25 May 1901Coleman Co, TEXAS F337
4 BUSH / HEDGCOXE BUSH  24 May 1901Coleman Co, TEXAS F434
5 BUSH / KEGANS BUSH  11 Nov 1892Coleman Co, TEXAS F290
7 DEAKINS / PARKER DEAKINS  12 Jan 1896Coleman Co, TEXAS F161
8 DEAKINS / PARKER DEAKINS  16 Dec 1900Coleman Co, TEXAS F221
10 ELLIOTT / PARKER ELLIOTT  8 Feb 1905Coleman Co, TEXAS F162
11 FIELDER / BUSH FIELDER  24 Dec 1902Coleman Co, TEXAS F291
13 KELLETT / EDGAR KELLETT  26 Jul 1886Coleman Co, TEXAS F470
15 KINCAID / MOORE KINCAID  18 Dec 1904Coleman Co, TEXAS F419
16 KINCAID / WARD KINCAID  15 Oct 1921Coleman Co, TEXAS F412
17 MCELRATH / MITCHELL MCELRATH  21 Oct 1897Coleman Co, TEXAS F923
19 MITCHELL / LITTLE MITCHELL  22 Nov 1889Coleman Co, TEXAS F367
20 MITCHELL / PARHAM MITCHELL  8 Oct 1966Coleman Co, TEXAS F1353
21 NAIL / RAY NAIL  8 Oct 1932Coleman Co, TEXAS F1391
22 PARKER / KELLETT PARKER  9 Jun 1909Coleman Co, TEXAS F156
23 PENDLETON / O'NEAL PENDLETON  19 Jun 1890Coleman Co, TEXAS F23
24 PHILLIPS / DEAKINS PHILLIPS  10 Mar 1907Coleman Co, TEXAS F792
25 SHELTON / SARTOR DAVIS SHELTON  15 Nov 1908Coleman Co, TEXAS F870

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