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Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS




Texas State Historical Marker: Parker House, Coleman County, Texas <br>
Andrew Butler Photos
Texas State Historical Marker: Parker House, Coleman County, Texas
Andrew Butler Photos

Death Certificate  <br>
MITCHELL Marquis Lafayette  <br>
28 April 1951
Death Certificate
MITCHELL Marquis Lafayette
28 April 1951


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON GRIMES Monterey L.  28 Nov 1914Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1632
2 ANDERSON SHIELDS Callie Faye  13 Oct 1922Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1386
3 BAINES KINCAID May Belle (Maybelle)  22 Feb 1907Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I890
4 BIRDWELL Reuben (Ruben) Cooper (Casper)  18 Dec 1891Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I531
5 BIRDWELL [Baby Daughter]  13 Feb 1916Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I517
6 BIRDWELL DANIEL Opal Inez  9 May 1909Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1669
7 BRANTLEY Chester Veto  24 Jul 1907Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I460
8 BROWN Roy Alvin  22 Jul 1902Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1705
9 CASEY John Willie "Bill"  20 Feb 1950Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1810
10 CASEY Joseph Owen  25 Mar 1911Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1808
11 CASEY Robert Brooks  30 Mar 1909Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I2018
12 CASEY Ruby Ruth  12 May 1921Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I2019
13 CASEY Terry Gene  1 Feb 1943Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1809
14 CASEY KINCAID Grace  15 Feb 1905Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I446
15 CASEY WILSON Lucy Laura  25 Jun 1918Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1757
16 DEAKINS Loyd "Red"  9 Mar 1909Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I2024
17 DEPRANG Billie (Bill) David  23 May 1914Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I823
18 DEPRANG Garland Conner (Cramer)  4 May 1932Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I825
19 DEPRANG Herman D.  10 Jun 1925Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I28
20 DEPRANG James Hayse (J H, Hayes)  17 Mar 1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I25
21 DEPRANG Marvin (Mania)  Jan 1893Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I818
22 DEPRANG Oscar Leonard (Lex, Bunk, Lenard)  26 Aug 1887Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I30
23 DEPRANG Walter Holley  23 Aug 1897Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I504
24 DEPRANG BARMORE Erin Hazel  17 Mar 1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I34
25 DEPRANG PARHAM Bevie Oleta  15 Apr 1911Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I482
26 GOATS CARY Fannie Lillian  14 May 1883Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1547
27 GOATS JENKINS Ethel Edith  15 Jun 1892Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I873
28 GORMAN KILLINGSWORTH Katie Alice  18 Sep 1892Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I2559
29 HOTHAN JENNINGS Ruth Karl  26 Jan 1919Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1031
30 HYDEN Montie Lee, Sr.  30 Sep 1923Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I494
31 KEGANS Dot Delar (D. D.) (Dat) (Dot)  31 Dec 1888Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I180
32 KILLINGSWORTH Jessie David  21 Apr 1937Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I2563
33 KILLINGSWORTH Leo David  4 Apr 1912Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1864
34 KINCAID Albert Sidney  16 Feb 1931Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I604
35 KINCAID Aubrey  4 Jan 1930Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I893
36 KINCAID James  26 May 1926Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I891
37 KINCAID Joseph  30 Mar 1928Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I892
38 KINCAID WISENER Lydia Lois  7 Mar 1928Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1094
39 KNIGHT PORTER Ada  5 May 1889Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1177
40 MURRILL John Henry  24 Sep 1918Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I838
41 MURRILL Wilson Richard  1 Sep 1882Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I342
42 MURRILL Wilson Richard "W. R." "Dub", Jr.  24 Dec 1915Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I837
43 MURRILL REDDY Inda Rhea  14 Mar 1911Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I836
44 NICHOLS Dock Aaron "Skeeter"  14 Aug 1933Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I567
45 O'NEAL Boyd Allen  29 Aug 1925Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I954
46 O'NEAL Jesse Hubert  25 Sep 1917Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I901
47 PARKER Cecil Leslie  4 Dec 1886Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I302
48 PARKER Celya Lillian  25 Dec 1885Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I218
49 PARKER Clyde Fauster  4 Jul 1894Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I221
50 PARKER David A., Sr.  30 Jan 1918Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I206

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARNOLD Isaac Bryant  22 Nov 1884Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I163
2 BAINES Edwin Porter "Doc"  8 May 1934Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I520
3 BECKWITH PARKER Celia  24 Sep 1911Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I285
4 BIRDWELL Elijah Garner "Eli"  28 Mar 1910Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I58
5 BIRDWELL [Baby Daughter]  16 Feb 1916Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I517
6 BLACKBOURNE George Thomas  8 Apr 1930Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I903
7 BOYD John J.  12 Dec 1919Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1450
8 BOYD BAKER WHITE Ida  Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1448
9 BRINKLEY SPRINKLES Lillie Amanda  5 Dec 1942Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I2663
10 CASEY Robert Brooks  24 Oct 1974Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I2018
11 CASEY Terry Gene  1 Feb 1943Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1809
12 CATE Mikel Gorden  14 Dec 2000Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I620
13 CATE Rex Lee  18 Sep 2012Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I621
14 DANIEL Thomas Beverly  26 Sep 1930Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1582
15 DEPRANG Oscar Lex "Bunk"  Feb 1981Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I822
16 ELY PARKER Flora June  7 Apr 1931Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I4
17 HANEY Cora Lee  25 Dec 1930Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I466
18 HOFFMAN BIRDWELL Sarah E. "Sallie"  16 Apr 1938Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I529
19 KEGANS BUSH Ruth "Tattle"  30 Jun 1914Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I390
20 KELLETT PARKER Clementena  2 Oct 1923Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I205
21 LAIRD RUSSELL PARKER Maude L.  3 Sep 1939Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I650
22 MITCHELL Marquis Lafayette "Bud"  28 Apr 1951Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I487
23 Rev. MITCHELL Richard Floyd (R. F.)  29 Aug 1915Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I148
24 MITCHELL William Felix (W. F.) (Felix W.)  14 Apr 1921Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I375
25 MURRILL Joseph (W.)  Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I696
26 MURRILL Wilson Richard  6 Jan 1955Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I342
27 MURRILL ANDERSON Ann Staton  23 May 1959Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I340
28 MURRILL CHILDRESS Mary Mariah (Marik, Maria)  24 Jun 1912Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I335
29 PARHAM Louie Blanton "Bill"  29 Aug 1973Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I483
30 PARKER Charlie (Charles) Absalom  19 Jul 1938Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I291
31 PARKER Griffin Lyn  13 May 1969Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I220
32 RACKLEY Dawl Julian  23 Jul 2010Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1381
33 RAY Isaac Willis  20 Apr 1961Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I490
34 RICHARDS COATS Gladys Geraldine "Gerri"  25 Feb 2001Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1884
35 SHIELDS Jefferson Marion  14 May 1951Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I539
36 SHIFFLETT L. B.  15 Oct 2006Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I93
37 SLATE KINCAID Louisa (Sarah) Emaline "L. E."  23 Mar 1947Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I84
38 SLATE MURRILL Polly W.  29 May 1934Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I111
39 SMITH GOATS Rebecca Elizabeth  2 Mar 1892Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1580
40 SPRINKLES Cornelius Frank  3 Nov 1948Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I2662
41 SPRINKLES Walter Lee  23 Nov 1956Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I2665
42 TYSON Mitchell D. (Doyle)  21 Sep 2001Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I2659


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON James M.  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1634
2 ANDERSON James Madison "J.Matt"  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I341
3 ANDERSON James Mat  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1633
4 ANDERSON Lydia N.  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1631
5 ANDERSON GRIMES Monterey L.  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1632
6 BAKER DEPRANG Clora Anis (Clare A.)  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I31
7 BIRDWELL Eli Moore "Kit"  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I59
8 BIRDWELL DANIEL Opal Inez  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1669
9 BUSH Jasper G.  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I389
10 BUSH John Richard  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1025
11 BUSH Mary  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1023
12 BUSH HOTHAN Ruby  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1024
13 DEPRANG Dolph (Ralph) O  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I899
14 DEPRANG Joseph Nichols "Jodie"  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I817
15 DEPRANG Oscar Leonard (Lex, Bunk, Lenard)  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I30
16 DEPRANG R E  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1665
17 DEPRANG Willie D.  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I819
18 DEPRANG BATES Myrtle Lee  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I492
19 DEPRANG GARVIN Doris (Dorris) Zana  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I24
20 DEPRANG HYDEN Minnie Lee  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I479
21 DEPRANG PARHAM Bevie Oleta  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I482
22 ELLIOTT James G. (Grabel)  1910Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I225
23 ELLIOTT James G. (Grabel)  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I225
24 HOTHAN Carl P.  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1030
25 HOTHAN JENNINGS Ruth Karl  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I1031
26 LAIRD PARKER Alice Ruth  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I366
27 LAIRD RUSSELL PARKER Maude L.  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I650
28 MURRILL ANDERSON Ann Staton  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I340
29 PARKER Bush  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I742
30 PARKER ELLIOTT Clara  1910Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I216
31 PARKER ELLIOTT Clara  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I216
32 PARKER SKELLTON Fannie Stella  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I219
33 PRINGLE BIRDWELL Mattie Beatrice  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I60
34 RUSSELL FERGUSON Mary  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I652
35 SKELLTON [SKELTON] Charles Musgrove  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I226
36 SKELTON James P.  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I230
37 TRICE DEPRANG Missouri Jane (Maude)  1920Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I816


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 LAIRD PARKER Alice Ruth  1 Sep 1964Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I366
2 LAIRD RUSSELL PARKER Maude L.  Abt 1891Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I650
3 O'NEAL William Harvey  Abt 1921Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I881
4 PARKER Mike Ray  26 Mar 1954Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS I7


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 O'NEAL / KINCAID O'NEAL  20 Dec 1924Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS F60
2 PARKER / TURNEY PARKER  7 Sep 1940Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS F184
3 RAY / TYSON RAY  7 Apr 1940Novice, Coleman Co, TEXAS F1349

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