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Runnels Co, TEXAS



Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARCHIE Marvin Dewey  5 Dec 1951Runnels Co, TEXAS I1723
2 ARCHIE DAVIDSON Lana Lanett  15 May 1953Runnels Co, TEXAS I1724
3 ATTAWAY CUNNINGHAM ALMACK Venita Ann  8 Sep 1942Runnels Co, TEXAS I687
4 BATES Arthur H.  Abt 1906Runnels Co, TEXAS I1747
5 BATES ARCHIE Lillie Hulene  9 Oct 1928Runnels Co, TEXAS I755
6 BATES CHITWOOD ARCHER Opal Inez  27 Nov 1922Runnels Co, TEXAS I1767
7 CHITWOOD KENDRICK COFFMAN Kelley Ozaine  11 Mar 1945Runnels Co, TEXAS I1774
8 COATS Roy Lynn  29 Sep 1947Runnels Co, TEXAS I1886
9 CUMMINGS KINCAID Ila Fern  14 Dec 1931Runnels Co, TEXAS I2103
10 GOATS Daniel Franklin "Frank"  3 Aug 1885Runnels Co, TEXAS I863
11 GOATS Leonard C.  25 Jul 1888Runnels Co, TEXAS I1562
12 JENKINS Samuel Brown  Mar 1890Runnels Co, TEXAS I1561
13 KINCAID CORNELIUS Hazel Vera  16 Sep 1913Runnels Co, TEXAS I2681
14 MITCHELL James Floyd  27 Jan 1895Runnels Co, TEXAS I1223
15 MITCHELL RAY Agnes Mary  7 Oct 1892Runnels Co, TEXAS I489
16 O'NEAL Cordell James  20 Jul 1902Runnels Co, TEXAS I91
17 RICHARDS James Winfred  12 Jan 1938Runnels Co, TEXAS I607


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BATES Robert Lee  31 Jan 1954Runnels Co, TEXAS I1744
2 CRUTCHER ARNOLD Elizabeth Ann "Betty"  18 Mar 1904Runnels Co, TEXAS I164
3 HANKS PENDLETON Margaret Elizabeth  1912Runnels Co, TEXAS I41
4 HYDEN Z. J.  24 Jan 1923Runnels Co, TEXAS I478
5 IRWIN BATES Lillie Belle  4 Feb 1957Runnels Co, TEXAS I1745
6 KINCAID William James "Jim"  10 Mar 1916Runnels Co, TEXAS I541
7 LANTER Vernon Robert  25 Jun 1997Runnels Co, TEXAS I2134
8 NICHOLSON Leonard Reed  13 Dec 1960Runnels Co, TEXAS I189
9 SARTOR Mary B. (Bates)  2 Jun 1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I1195


Matches 1 to 50 of 102

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 James T.  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I2447
2 BATES Alma Irwin (E.)  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I1748
3 BATES Arthur H.  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I1747
4 BATES Arthur H.  1920Runnels Co, TEXAS I1747
5 BATES Edna  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I1750
6 BATES James Roy  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I493
7 BATES James Roy  1920Runnels Co, TEXAS I493
8 BATES James Roy  1930Runnels Co, TEXAS I493
9 BATES Robert Lee  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I1744
10 BATES Robert Lee  1920Runnels Co, TEXAS I1744
11 BATES Robert Lee  1930Runnels Co, TEXAS I1744
12 BATES Rosa  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I1751
13 BATES Ruth  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I1746
14 BATES Ruth  1920Runnels Co, TEXAS I1746
15 BATES William  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I1749
16 BATES ARCHIE Lillie Hulene  1930Runnels Co, TEXAS I755
17 BATES CHITWOOD ARCHER Opal Inez  1930Runnels Co, TEXAS I1767
18 BATES CLAYTON Minnie Ella  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I610
19 BATES O'NEAL Alma  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I882
20 CASEY John Caleb  1920Runnels Co, TEXAS I886
21 CASEY Joseph Owen  1920Runnels Co, TEXAS I1808
22 CASEY Robert Brooks  1920Runnels Co, TEXAS I2018
23 CASEY BLACKBOURNE Johnnie May  1920Runnels Co, TEXAS I2017
24 CASEY KINCAID Grace  1920Runnels Co, TEXAS I446
25 CASEY STRANGE Ona "Bob" Mary  1920Runnels Co, TEXAS I2016
26 CASEY WILSON Lucy Laura  1920Runnels Co, TEXAS I1757
27 COUSINS A. B.  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I2451
28 COUSINS Archie  1930Runnels Co, TEXAS I2440
29 COUSINS Harold  1930Runnels Co, TEXAS I2441
30 COUSINS Irene  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I2449
31 COUSINS Jesse B. "J. B."  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I2439
32 COUSINS Jesse B. "J. B."  1920Runnels Co, TEXAS I2439
33 COUSINS Jesse B. "J. B."  1930Runnels Co, TEXAS I2439
34 COUSINS Jesse B. "J. B.", Jr.  1930Runnels Co, TEXAS I2442
35 COUSINS Jewel  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I2452
36 COUSINS Wilber  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I2450
37 COX CASEY Lucy Amanda "Mandy"  1920Runnels Co, TEXAS I887
38 DEPRANG BATES Myrtle Lee  1930Runnels Co, TEXAS I492
39 ELLIOTT Isaac B.  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I439
40 ELLIOTT Isaac Bluford  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I1606
41 GROSS SARTOR Mary Elizabeth Catherine "Lizzie"  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I1193
42 HANKS PENDLETON Margaret Elizabeth  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I41
43 IRWIN BATES Lillie Belle  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I1745
44 IRWIN BATES Lillie Belle  1920Runnels Co, TEXAS I1745
45 IRWIN BATES Lillie Belle  1930Runnels Co, TEXAS I1745
46 KNIGHT Jesse  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I121
47 KNIGHT John  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I122
48 KNIGHT Joseph "Joe" E.  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I123
49 KNIGHT Ross  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I153
50 KNIGHT Samuel  1910Runnels Co, TEXAS I88

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Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEIMER / WILSON BEIMER  10 Sep 1966Runnels Co, TEXAS F1295
2 COULSON / GOATS COULSON  3 Oct 1914Runnels Co, TEXAS F1150
3 CROWSON / GOATS CROWSON  22 Aug 1910Runnels Co, TEXAS F1149
4 GIVENS / COUNTS  7 Aug 1881Runnels Co, TEXAS F660
5 GOATS / CROWSON GOATS  11 Jul 1911Runnels Co, TEXAS F1147
6 HENDERSON / GOATS HENDERSON  16 Dec 1907Runnels Co, TEXAS F631
7 JENKINS / GOATS JENKINS  28 Dec 1909Runnels Co, TEXAS F633
8 KENDRICK / LAYTON KENDRICK  14 Jan 1984Runnels Co, TEXAS F796
10 SUDDUTH / LANTER SUDDUTH  30 Jul 1983Runnels Co, TEXAS F1557

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