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BROWN Perry Bryson

BROWN Perry Bryson

Male 1888 - 1972  (83 years)


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Military: World War 1 Draft Registration Card A (05 June 1917)
BROWN Perry Bryson

[parentheses denote handwriting]
[brackets denote editorial comment]

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Registration Card
Form [illegible]
No. 28
1. Name in full ( Perry Bryson Brown) Age ( 26 )
2. Home Address ( Route 1 Goldsboro Texas )
3. Date of birth ( Nov. 24, 1891 )
4. Are you a natural-born citizen, a naturalized citizen, an alien, or have you declared your intention, specify which? ( Natural Born )
5. Where were you born (Tex USA)
6 If not a citizen, of what nation are you a citizen or subject? ( Citizen )
7. What is your present trade, occupation, or office? ( Farming )
8. By whom employed? ( Working for self )
Where employed? ( Near Tokeen )
9. Have you a father, mother, wife, child under 12, or a sister or brother under 12, solely dependent on your [sic] for support, specify which? ( Wife )
10. Married or single, which? ( Married ) Race, specify which? ( Caucasian )
11. What military service have you had? Rank (none), branch [blank], years [blank], Nation or State ( none )
12. Do you claim exemption from draft, specify grounds?( no )

I affirm that I have verified the above answers and that they are true. Signature or Mark (Perry B. Brown)

[in triangle in left corner of form] If person is of African descent, cut off this corner.

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Registrar's Report
1. Tall, medium or short, specify which? ( Medium ) Slender, medium, or stout, which? ( Medium )
2. Color of eyes ( Grey ) Color of hair ( Brown ) Bald (no)
3. Has person lost arm, leg, hand, foot, eye, or both eyes or is he otherwise disabled, specify? (no)

I certify that my answers are true, that the person registered has read his own answers, that I have witnessed his signature, and that all of his answers of which I have knowledge are true, except as follows ( [blank] )

Signature of Registrar ( H. S. Bright )
Precinct ( 5 )
City or County ( Runnels )
State ( Texas )
(June 5th, 1917)

[During the World War I Draft Registration, there were three draft lotteries. Read more about the World War I Draft Registration at World War I Draft Registration, "Background Information" by Raymond H. Banks, 1917-1918. Washington, D.C.: National Archives]


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