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Family Story
Story of Joseph Nichols “Jodie” DEPRANG
By Sandra Joyace “Sandi” HYDEN ASKEW [S83], email 07 Feb 2010

[editorial comment]

Jodie Nichols Deprang was Myrtle Lee Deprang Bates brother, and the story goes that he was a very wealthy man, and was engaged to be married. Just a few days before the marriage, he put his intended's name on his banking accounts, etc. When she found out that he had done this, she cleaned him out and skipped town, or so the story goes. He ended up drowning his sorrows in liquor, and lost his mind in the process. Aunt Myrtle could not bear to put her brother in a home, so that is why we vacationed so many times at her place - my daddy [Montie Lee HYDEN, Sr] was a big, big man, and could handle Uncle Jodie when he went into one of his spells. Jodie was very strong, and would not bathe, so one of my dad's many jobs was to come to Novice [Coleman Co, TEXAS] and shave and bathe Uncle Jodie.

Owner/SourceSandra Joyace “Sandi” HYDEN ASKEW
Linked toDEPRANG Joseph Nichols "Jodie"; DEPRANG BATES Myrtle Lee; HYDEN Montie Lee, Sr.; HYDEN ASKEW Sandra Joyace "Sandi"

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